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Learn Crypto (concept)
UX / UI Designer, Research, Prototyping, Usability Testing, 3D Illustration
Tools used
Figma, Zoom, Whimsical, Maze, Google Doc, Google Sheets
6 weeks


Learn crypto is an app that allows users to learn about crypto in an easy to understand format while earning crypto as they learn.


How might we design a mobile application that effectively engages, incentivizes, and makes the process of learning about cryptocurrency accessible to a diverse audience?


With this project, I wanted to explore how to design a mobile app that engages, incentivizes, and makes the process of learning about cryptocurrency accessible to a diverse audience.

The process

This is a passion project of mine. I wanted to explore a bit more into EdTech and FinTech while also incorporating my interest in cryptocurrency and web3. I gave myself a time line of 6 weeks to complete, which forced me to focus on an MVP and work through scope creep. 

I love talking about this project, and would absolutely love to work with a team to get this developed but for now, if you’d like to learn more - I go in-depth in my full case study, and if you have any feedback please reach out! 


Design system

My design strategy aimed to differentiate the app from competitors by moving away from the typical white background/blue accent color scheme I'd found most competitors utilize during my research. I also incorporated 3D illustrations into the design to enhance the overall aesthetics and stay on-trend. This also provided an opportunity to practice and showcase personal 3D illustration skills while elevating the overall visual experience for the user.

A New ExperiencE

The main areas of focus for the MVP were the main dashboard, quiz sequence, and wallet set up. Users have the option to skip wallet set up but it was important to include this step in the user journey to provide users with a secure location to store their earned cryptocurrency, and to educate users on wallet safety as a means of fostering a trust in the topics and the platform. 

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